Im Back :)

I'm Back :) idk how/why but i fell off blogging for a while, school/work..all that good stuff . so im back at it again

almost married

i always hated her husband

But homegirl had to stab him ? i wonder if it's because she fell and hit her head or because he did something to here and made her react that way . Either way, its sad that her children had to see that

dope !

He's Here

This is gonna be a chunky cute little boy . i already know ! What was New York thinking giving this one up . Oh well , he found someone good , i cant wait to see pictures !

Pregnant Hollywood

Finally a Kardashian is pregnant . I know this baby will be super duper cute . If she's still with Scott im assuming it's his, but if not i wonder who the baby daddy is .

th t.o. show

im so more than glad he got his own show. at first i thought it would be stupid, but its actually pretty good. it gives a different look at his life besides all the negative stuff that is out in the media . i loves it, but his publicists are irritating

wow cassie


lookin good

goodbye paula .

is american idol even the same without her ? its weird how so much changes over time . i still remember the very first episode

shits crazy

check out her dog house . shits insane ! it cost $325,000 . wtf!!!! that cost more than most regular houses on the market . i need a serious career change !

lesson not learned

this is the second time this girls naked pictures got out . why ?! did she not learn her lesson the first embarassing time . this is EXACTLY why i dont like her or disney for keeping her around . this is what little girls look up to ...shameful

i love the cartoon design

im confused

rihanna is going to try and get the 50-yard boundry between her and chris removed . her lawyers say she feels it isnt necessary and she'll still be protected . but if it doesn't matter to her then what difference does it make if theres a boundry or not . sounds iffy to me

Good Hair

this movie looks so good . im glad dhe wasnt afraid to think outside of the box . it may only attract black wothis men but oh well , ill pay to watch it .