College Hill South Beach

this dude kyle had my crackin up when he was goin HARD on Milan . like you have no idea. " You want me to be gay, so now i'm gay wass up! where'd you get that payless shirt from? how much did your hair cost? are your eyelashes real? how much makeup you got caked on?" OMG, i was laughing for sooooo long ! he's my fave, i need a friend like that .

why is paul getting no type of love? this dude is sexy, whatever race he is; i dont even care . man if i was on this season i'd say fuck brandon!!!! cuz paul is yumm . and i dont think terri is on this season anymore because she isn't on any of the pictures on the bet website..hmmm, maybe she got kicked out for fighting..i didnt like her though, she seemed kind of weird and wayyyy to clingy to brandon, who i dont think is cute btw. andi hated when her mom said " maybe you gotta get your ghetto ass cousin" like wtf ?! ahahah tiffany said "i thought she was a threat, until i saw her hair" fuackkkkkk , enough said .

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