what happened?

This is a perfect example of when fame gets to your head. Like who do you think you are? How do you go from two platinum albums to wanting to pose for playboy. I'd take the group over any of these little sides jobs that she thinks she has. I need a steady income lol. Not only that but she messed up four other people's careers, their money, their lives! They were all dependent on each other, and now look, can't finish a puzzle with a piece missing. It's a sad situation. And i don't understand it. You can never be bigger than your creator, Danity Kane made her but she's gotten nowhere without it. She was the first one in the group, and the first one out .


  1. she used to look sooo pretty... now... just trashy

  2. this is tooo true!
    shes such a slore now! its nasty!