Heaven in Lakewood .

rollin up to the store i just knew it was heaven on earth. this is the biggest bo$$iest forever21...hands down. it is sooooo0o big, the size of a department store. i would big this over sanfran's any day...grand opening had a 500 person line, people were camping out and i was included.the men's section is bomb as well. i've been three days in a row && counting . catch me at lakewood mall ....


  1. bigger then the 3stories in frisco... umm i dont think soo.. thts the biggest ever girl!

  2. yeah they are makin them all like that now...they bought out the mervyns stores! =] makes me sooooo happy!

  3. omg.
    a department store size Forever 21.
    i have to go.

    i'm finna plan a road trip just to go there.
    where is it? lol. [i know i can't believe i don't know either]

  4. that is the cleanest most organized forever 21 i have ever seen the ones in ny are disgusting!