she's better than me

their situation seems so weird to me. after 7 years?! and still separated...thats crazy. i mean, he does take care of her so that she don't have to do anything, but goodness. there comes a point where you have to just move on. i wonder if he'd still pay the bills if she got a new man. and not only that, i dont even understand how he is still making money .


  1. i agree. i have no idea hooooow hes making money! LOL. and i gotta give it to her . i feel she needs to let him go and find herself a good man and then his selfish ass will come around. cus thats how it always is.

    grrr he reminds me so much of my ex that i was "with" for five years so i have so much hate for Irv when i watch this show lmao.

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  3. I know right! My judgement means nothing to their lives. But I do think that it's all on her to decide to make the decision to one day say, "O.K., this is enough. And I'm not going to do this, this way anymore. And I don't want to live this way, so I'm moving on." Because if she keeps doing things this way, Irv doesn't mind this lifestyle because she's at home with the kids while he's out shoe-wopping, doing whatever & having a goodtime. And that's selfish on his part. And she needs to put a stop to it.