people love talkin shit when ur gone

Now that he has passed, EVERYONE is coming out the woodworks talking about his tortured, drug-crippled life. Including the woman whom is the biological mother to two of his three children.
In a new interview, Debbie Rowe, Michael's wife after Lisa Marie Presley, confesses that she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.
And, contrary to speculation, despite Jackson's death, Rowe reveals that she does not want custody of the children. In fact, she expects to never see them again.

Speaking exclusively at her home, Debbie says: "Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, 'I will have your babies'. I offered him my womb - it was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy. I went to the 'office', which is what we called the medical clinic. They impregnated me. It's just like I impregnate my mares for breeding. It was very technical. Just like I stick the sperm up my horse, this is what they did to me. I was his thoroughbred."

Debbie says she was "impregnated" like one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her property, adding: "I was just the vessel. It wasn't Michael's sperm. I got paid for it, and I've moved on. I know I will never see my children again."
Rowe also claims that….
- Jackson never had sex with her throughout their marriage and parenthood.- She offered to have babies for him after he told her that his first wife Lisa Marie Presley had refused to bear him any.- Michael arranged for a sham marriage to make them appear like a family.- He cruelly ditched her when the painful second birth left her "all torn up inside" and unable to give him any more kids.
About her "split" with Jackson, she says, "After the second birth had so many problems, he knew I couldn't have kids any more. He didn't want anything to do with me. He took the kids. The settlement was written up, and he just wanted me to be quiet."
About her fake "relationship" with Michael, she says the marriage was consummated not with a night of passion or a honeymoon - but with a peck on the cheek from Jackson, who retired by himself to another room. "He wanted to pretend that we were a family. But we never lived together as a couple. We never had sex. He was on the road, doing his thing. He never wanted to live with me. That's why he bought me a house. There was always 'my house' and 'his house', never 'our house'. We would jump in bed together and read magazines and watch movies, with all the animals around us before the kids were involved. We used to hang out with each other.
But that was his life. That's Michael. That was what it was like."
And, Debbie insists, that she is not cut out to be a mother and definitely does not wan Jackson's children. "I was never a good mother, I never felt any attachment to them. It was a better feeling giving them to him than it was keeping them as my own. I know I will never see them again. I was never cut out to be a mother - I was no good. I don't want these children in my life. My children are my animals now."


  1. whoa.... "my children are my animals now???"
    gosh, that woman sound so cruel!!!

  2. and thats exactly what I thought it was like, lol.

  3. if you check out perez hilton, debbies attorney commented and said that the interview was all fake and debbie didn't even do it , it was all fabricated and made up. so that was just a rumour. so basically all that stuff up theirr is fake and some jerk with a lot of time on their hands did it.

    rip MJ <3

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