Miss Independent

so today in my psyc. class my professor was talking about different types of people. Dependent, Intra-Dependent, and Independent. And i realized today that i was independent. I mean, thats what most people say about me and how i think of myself, but its not such a good. thing. Dependent people constantly need companionship and be around family and friends. Intra-dependent people like to have friendships and social but can still get things accomplished alone, this is what most people are. But independent people dont care about keeping friendships are even socializing in general. they learn to just be alone. I think this is why most of my previous friends have called me "fake" . and i know why, one minute im talking to you and the next im not. Let me clarify: its just me, i cant explain it, its nothing personal, its just me. I dont got beef, or dislike anyone but i got other shit on my mind that im not thinking about aiming or texting. i never really had a "best friend' so thats probably why its easy for me to let friends go. its not being fake just because i dont talk to you everyday. i just like to share different parts of my life with different people who can relate.

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