Tiny && Toya

I really like this show. Whenever i bring it up people always automatically say theyre ghetto. I personally dont think they're ghetto, but thats just me. Tiny inst all that cute but she is so bomb to me for some reason. Toya is kinda BLAH but whatever. It's cute how they have the same kinda dialect as their men. Like Tiny sounds just like T.i. its cute.


  1. I saw part of it on youtube since I can't watch tv and no cables but I really wanted to watch! From what I've seen, very inspiring... at least to me.

  2. Yeah after watching the show, I had a totally different POV toward them. There just trying to shut down the rumors and dirty looks they get. Everyone around me talks bad about Tiny, but I don't see absolutely anything wrong with her. She isn't ugly and she's from the South so of course she's gonna be country. And I can relate to Toya's situation with still loving Wayne, and I find it funny how her friends just want to push her into dating without helping her get totally over Wayne, although she's had years to do so. But then again, we don't see behind-the-scenes what Wayne does to Toya, they're probably still doing something. Ya know!