Possible Spoiler ?

Just some questions. . .

First, maybe it's just me but these pictures were taken March 21, and Danger does not seem so "pregnant" and even if she isn't showing, why would she be out partying ? Second thing i noticed, it says that her and unique were acting hella cool towards each other, all "buddy buddy", the same chicks that were at each others throat? and LASTLY, if either of these girls won Ray J's love would they be out at a party without him? hmmmmm , i think not .


  1. wait theses girls are on ray j's show??
    (i dont watch much tv)

    might i add u are freakin beautiful!

  2. She said she wasn't ever pregnant by Ray J. I heard her on T Paynes Radio show. I mean it could be possible that Unique and Danger made up. But also, you gotta remember its just a show, more drama more ratings...